Thijs van Kuijk

Rood, Groen en Blauw

When Cinekid invited KABK to visit Cinekid, it quickly became clear that the visitors (children) moved through the building with enormous energy. The children moved in groups - small flocks much like birds or fish. This immediately became the inspiration for RGB: how can the movement of the visitors be used in an interactive installation in a way that everyone can understand quickly without explanation?

“RGB”  is an interactive installation that mainly uses camera tracking and its output. By moving together, the children can play an instrument. The input of this instrument is the children themselves, who are followed by the cameras on the ceiling. Based on the X and Y positions of the children, the installation determines what kind of sounds are played out loud in the room. The idea is to create a collaborative swarm of behavior. In this way, visitors are challenged to trust their audiovisual stimuli, to understand group behavior and how it can be used to their advantage. RGB is a concept developed in collaboration between the Royal Academy of Art and Cinekid. The video shows color tracking by a camera and any audio output.